Wazilla is an another Mozilla distribution by Mozilla-gumi, Japanese Mozilla community. Several bugs in Mozilla are fixed and new features are added by Japanese hackers. The main purpose of this distribution is to evaluate our patches.

"Wa" means "Japan" or "Japanese".


Oct 25, 2003

Wazilla 1.5 is released, and our official site are moved to http://www.mozilla.gr.jp/wazilla/index-en.html.

Jul 13, 2003

Wazilla 1.4 is released.

Mar 19, 2003

Wazilla 1.3 is released.

Sep 20, 2002

Wazilla 1.1 is released.


You can build Wazilla with the following steps.

  1. % tar zxvf mozilla-source-1.0.tar.bz2
  2. % tar zxvf wazilla-diff.tar.gz
  3. % (Modify dot.mozconfig)
  4. % ./wazilla-sh    # build Wazilla
  5. % cd xpinstall/packager
  6. % gmake MOZ_PKG_APPNAME=wazilla    # make tarball


If you find a bug about our patch, please add a comment at Bugzilla.

Koike Kazuhiko(kazhik@yahoo.co.jp)